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What is Dread Fascination?

Dread Fascination is the free-to-listen debut album from Graham Butler. It represents a unique approach to concept albums, with no characters and no dialogue; Instead, it attempts to tell a story through different perspectives, bringing to light the thoughts & emotions that come about from experiencing tragic or life-altering events. It explores themes of love, loss, depression, death & rebirth, and the process of finding purpose and fulfillment in the face of life's resistance.

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Graham Butler is a Musician/Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. After playing drums and producing records with many different artists for several years, he decided to start developing his own project in 2006. After the attempted suicide of a friend, he was compelled to write and record an album as a reaction to that event as well as his own experiences with depression. The result, after 7 long years, is Dread Fascination.